All Caught Up


Hey there readers, ok so I’m all caught up with the previous posts from my old blog. I ended up cancelling Birchbox after a few months and going for Ipsy which I felt was more geared toward makeup and the samples were more of what I was looking for. I love Ipsy. As soon as I get this months box I will let you know what I get. I also got Beauty Box 5 this month with a free coupon code. I didn’t cancel in time so I am going to get it for one more month, but I won’t be continuing after that, the samples seemed smaller and not as much makeup as I wanted, but it’s always great to get to try something for free…am I right? I have some great posts about some awesome bargains I got coming soon please stay tuned! It will take me a little bit to start getting into a routine and blogging regularly. MY mind is somewhat all over the place,there are a million things I want to do lola nd only so much time, which reminds me of the most perfect thing I saw on Pinterest that sums me up quite nicely:


Anyway, that about sums me up. See you all soon with lots of great random chaos for you to mull over!