Birchbox Update


Hey guys it’s me again 😛 Just an update on my Birchbox products. I’ve tried them all out now…so let me give you the DL. I am absolutely in love with the skinny mini liquid eyeliner from Eyeko London !!! This is so great!! It’s basically a little fine tipped marker, but it’s liquid eyeliner. It goes on so easy..I’m loving it! Not to mention it does not smudge…it is great! Now this is something that I would spend the $16 bucks on!
Also loving the highlighting stick from Chella. This little stick is so versatile!
I also tried out the new shampoo and conditioner from Keratherapy. Though its hard to tell from just the tiny sample they sent…my hair does feel softer..I

That’s all folks..just a mini update. Early morning tomorrow, I’m doing a craft fair to sell some of my creative concoctions..let you know how it goes….Bye…


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